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Thread: Post Your Best Prints ***OFFICIAL CONTEST***

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    would love to participate, but where are the printers for the international backers?

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    I am looking for best print quality. If two prints are of equal quality, the more complex one will win.

    It can consist of as many pieces as you want.

    You can submit as many times per round as you want but you can only win once per round.

    You can have modded printers as long as you post the mods that were used and how they were no top secret mods...they have to be 'Open'.

    tth is in the lead!

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    Contest entry #1

    These are my three entries fornthe contest. The first is the famous gear bearing by emmet. The second is a ball bearing designed by me. And the third is a fully functional 1x2x3 puzzle cube. I am using my single z axis pulley mod on my printer and thats it.

    Gear bearing:

    Ball bearing:

    Puzzle cube:
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    @phantomoperator - Those are really nice! Might even be better than the stuff I get out of my school's replicator 2X!

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    my entry printed on my One-Up with no mods(I did put a small brass eyehook in the center of the top piece of mdf for a filament guide)
    Printed With QU-BD Blue Raspberry Candy PLA and QU-BD Glow In the Dark PLA

    (I know it is assembled Wrong, it does not transform the best so is posed to show others what my printer can, do just took pic for the contest)

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    ENTRY 1: Cute Octo

    Here is a cute octopus I printed on my Two-Up. If I remember correctly, it took a little over an hour and a half to print.

    More Images

    ENTRY 2: Custom Shotglass

    This is a shotglass I printed that is my own custom design. It transitions from a square base to a circular top, pretty simple but it looks ridiculously good. It took about 2 hours to print.


    More Images

    note: The white at the bottom of the object is tape..because I accidentally started the print with the head too high and the bottom ended up not being waterproof

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

    I am running the following mods which affect quality of the prints
    X-Gantry mod
    Custom extruder
    Z-screw top bracket

    Both were printed at 0.1mm layer height and 2 shells. The octopus had 10% infill.
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    some nice prints and i dont think i have a chance but this is my first almost perfect print, printed on red dragon abs at .3mm layers on a 2up with aluminum extruder. i had problems with the abs sticking to the tape so i printed the base layer with pla and switch to abs, i ended up with a little warping but the heat gun took care of that.
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    Here are three prints from my Two-Up. The only modifications I am using are my binder clip Z-wobble reduction and ddegonge888's printed damper feet. They were all printed using natural PLA.

    My first print is Emmett's gear bearing, printed with .127mm layers.

    My next print is a MakerBot robot, also printed with .127 layers.

    Finally, here is a tiny set of nautilus gears. I took the model from and scaled it down to half the original size.

    Despite the smaller size, it is still fully functional. Here is a video of the gears turning.

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    Contest Entry #2

    I've made a few improvements with my printer. First I built a chamber for my One-Up to help with warping. Second I printed Kezat's Z-coupler which help eliminate almost all ribbing. These are 3 vases I printed as well as a fully functional lock.

    Vase 1:

    Vase 2:

    Vase 3 (My favorite):


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    Not to get off topic, but what kind of filament are you using Phantom? It looks really nice!
    For tutorials, tips, and general videos about all things Two-Up, check out my YouTube channel below!

    Home of the custom designed 3uP Upgrade kit for the one/two-up 3D printers!

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